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Frutos Exóticos > Mikado Refill Exotics
Natural fragrance diffuser based of rattan rods, a wonderful vegetable fiber that absorbs and diffuses the fragrance gradually for weeks.

Put the vase on the chosen spot, and within hours, the fragrance will begin to expand smoothly and gradually over several months. While it naturally perfumes, it is also an original decorative element for home or office.

You also have available the refill with 200 ml. of essence to refill the vase with your desired original Boles d’olor fragrance when it finishes.

Item Fragrances Mikado Refill Exotics

Ver Mikado
Bergamota Carambole Paw Paw Pomelo Rosa Satsuma Yuzu
Mikado Refill Exotics - Bergamota Mikado Refill Exotics - Carambole Mikado Refill Exotics - Paw Paw Mikado Refill Exotics - Pomelo Rosa Mikado Refill Exotics - Satsuma Mikado Refill Exotics - Yuzu

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