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Boles d’olor is a Barcelona-based company specialist on manufacturing and distribution of home fragrance products. Founded in 1977 by the master perfumer Eugeni Boix and his wife Helena Llebaria, when together decided to express their creativity through fragrances. They only could try to imagine what this huge, deep and extraordinary fragrances ocean that lay before them could eventually become.

Boles d’olor is a pioneer in its sector. Since its beginnings it has earned the highest reputation for its dedication, passion for high quality fragrances and continuous innovation of revolutionary and decorative applications of perfume for your home. Creators of the wooden scented balls and fruits, paper and fabric perfume applications, aromatic resins, reed fragrance diffusers, and many other home fragrance products today commonly extended and imitated throughout the world, still continues leading the market with revolutionary products as the electric fragrance diffuser and the fragrance mists. After more than 40 years of steady growth, it remains at the forefront of the industry.

Boles d’olor, still led by Eugeni Boix, master perfumer, along with its experienced professional team of technicians and designers, concentrate their efforts on creating new and the most seductive perfumes, and the constant search for new applications in accordance with the latest decorative trends, always using the best raw materials in the world and the recovery of the old traditional manufacturing methods to improve and ensure the highest quality of all their products.

Our beginnings:

Artisan manufacturing. Made in Barcelona since 1977:



QUALITY: Highest quality fragrances. Excellent results guaranteed forever.

CREATIVITY: The best fragrances for every season, trend or space.

INNOVATION: Revolutionary products and stunning presentations.

SOLUTIONS: Merchandising tools and effective point-of-sale solutions.

SERVICE: Speed, efficiency and reliability.

RESPONSABILITY: Respect for the environment.

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